Indian Pennywort

Top 4 Benefits Indian Pennywort Offers For Healthier Hair

Indian pennywort is an age-old herb found all over India that usually grows in swampy and other wet areas. This ayurvedic plant is used for various kinds of ailments from nervous disorders to common viral infections. The ancient Indians swore by its efficacy in herbal medicine and have been using it for centuries. Luckily, this wonder herb works magically for hair loss and here’s why.


Neutralizes Free Radicals

Indian pennywort’s antioxidant properties can benefit many areas of the body. This, of course, includes our hair follicles which are also subject to the damages caused by oxidative stress. A 2016 study published in the Journal of Medicine and Life found that individuals suffering from androgenic alopecia had much more serious free radical damage than average. With its ability to neutralize free radicals, Indian Pennywort can help improve hair loss symptoms like genetic baldness.

Healthy hair, all natural regrowing shampoo treatment.
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Prevents Split Ends

Applying Indian pennywort to your hair can help prevent split ends. It does this by forming a protective layer around hair follicles, keeping hair fibers strong and healthy. This also allows the hair to increase in volume and length.


Nourishes The Hair Follicles

The chemical compounds of Indian pennywort help strengthen weakened blood vessels that supply blood to the hair follicle. This oxygenates the blood which is important for people who experience hair loss due to malnourished hair follicles. All of this helps to stimulate hair growth while also preventing hair loss.

Healthy hair, all natural regrowing shampoo treatment.
natural ingredients for hair happy black woman


Calms You Down

For many people, genetics can cause hair loss. But other factors, such as stress can also cause hair fall out. Fortunately, Indian pennywort is adaptogenic, meaning that it can increase your body’s resistance to stress when consumed or applied topically. Due to this effect, it can help with hair loss related to stress.

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