Virgin Coconut Oil

5 Reasons why Virgin Coconut Oil Should be Included in Your Essential Haircare Routine

Ah, good ol’ coconut oil. People use it for all sorts of things, from cooking to removing their makeup. In fact, the health and beauty community have been raving about it for ages, so you must be wondering–”how good can it be?”. Let’s go over five reasons why virgin coconut oil should be your staple hair care item.


Prevents Damage Before And After Washing

Applying virgin coconut oil to your hair before and after showering can prevent damage during washing and while it’s wet. Because it is predominately made up of medium-chain fatty acids called lauric acid, virgin coconut oil can easily be absorbed into the hair shaft. If you have brittle coarse hair, then adding coconut oil to your hair before showering can retain moisture. Adding virgin coconut oil after you shower keeps your hair soft and smooth, reducing the amount of friction caused by styling techniques like twists and braids.

Healthy hair, all natural regrowing shampoo treatment.
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Increases Hair Thickness

As a result of it protecting your hair from damage, virgin coconut oil can increase your hair volume. Having healthy and strong hair contributes to hair growth, resulting in longer and thicker locks.


Soothes The Hair And Scalp

Virgin coconut oil contains fatty acids and vitamins E and K which is great for moisturizing the scalp, especially in dry and cold seasons. It can also fight off the dryness and itchiness associated with dandruff and soothe burned and irritated skin caused by hot summers.

Healthy hair, all natural regrowing shampoo treatment.
natural ingredients for hair happy black woman


Reduces Frizz In Textured Hair

If you have coarse, curly, or wavy hair, then virgin coconut oil is a must-have item for making your hair more manageable. Because textured hair doesn’t retain moisture as easily as straight hair, it requires extra care and maintenance. Applying virgin coconut oil to damp hair can help your curls and waves set and become more defined and frizz-free.


Repels Pesky Lice

Virgin coconut oil contains antibacterial properties that stop lice and eggs from attaching to the hair and scalp, providing relief from the constant itching and irritation caused by pesky head lice. Protecting your scalp is key to faster hair growth.

Healthy hair, all natural regrowing shampoo treatment.

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