Introducing Kenna's Plant Powered Scalp Tonic

The natural hair loss solution for all hair types. Backed by 10 years of innovative plant science.


Our Method

Experience safe and effective plant-based hair growth.

Natural and Effective

Our formula includes 19 natural ingredients that are FDA approved and ACD compliant. No synthetic ingredients or parabens in our products. Nourish your hair safely with the power of plants.

Healthy hair, all natural regrowing shampoo treatment.
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Backed by Science

With over 10 years of clinical trials, we bring you the most potent Shikakai-based, herbal solution to prevent hair loss, stimulate hair growth, alleviate dandruff, and improve hair vibrancy. 

Easy to Use

We believe in crafting simple solutions to make your hair care routine easier. From straight to curly hair, our product is made for everyone.

Healthy hair, all natural regrowing shampoo treatment.

We Care About Our Ingredients

Kenna all natural ingredients hair growth and strengthening shampoo

Pure, natural & safe.

We are focused on sourcing only the purest and highest quality ingredients available. Every single ingredient that goes into our product matter.

Cruelty Free
100% Vegan
Paraben Free
Sulfate Free
No Artificial Dyes
No Added Fragrances
Toxin Free
Organic Ingredients
Ethically Sourced

What Our Customers Are Saying

" I've tried using minoxidil for hair loss and completely ruined my scalp. Ever since I switched to all natural ingredients, my scalp irritation went away and-what more-my hair grew back! "
Savannah H.

" I didn't believe in herbal remedies before I tried this but after my wife got me on it, now I do! "
Joseph A.

" I have 4C hair and this product works wonders! My hair feels so much softer and stronger. "Shanice K.

Want stronger, longer, and thicker hair?

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